Centrífuga Pendular
The pendant system is used on medium and large-size centrifuges to compensate for possible unbalancing caused by of the products to be centrifuged.

  • Suitable for the separation of mud in effluents treatment systems;
  • It separates liquid from solid materials.
    • Ex. Food production sector. Centrifugation processes and drying of gluten and soy milk.
    • Separation of fruit juice from the pulp;
  • Washer centrifugal parts;
    • Dishwasher parts provided with a stirrer device can rinse the piece uniformly removing any impurities found on the surface and also inside the part;
    • It can be provided for washing individual parts and for batch;
  • Centrifuge for drying cutting chips;
    • Model equipment through centrifugal force can remove the excess oil located in the chip. The chip stays with 2% to 3% moisture.
Model Machine Dimensions Basket Dimensions Basket Rotation Speed Capacity
Motor PoweR
Dia. Height Dia. Height
C-III 650 mm 700 mm 500 mm 300 mm 550 RPM 50-100 2HP 225
C-IV 850 mm 900 mm 600 mm 400 mm 850 RPM 100-200 5 HP 500

The rotation of the basket of the centrifugal pendulum varies with the application equipment.