Centrifuge Parts Oiling

The project of this centrifuge is to give a bath in parts and as a result remove excess oil. It can be used for various oils and other more viscous fluids. The centrifuge is equipped with a tank with or without heating, and a control panel that controls the entire process.

Centrífuga Basculante

Centrifuge Tipper

Equipment consisting of the automatic centrifuge tilting to prevent the removal of the basket into the machine. The centrifuge is equipped with a geared motor system to effect tilting and unloading of the parts.

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Centrífuga Basculante Centrífuga Basculante
Centrífuga com dispositivos especiais

Centrifuge with special devices

Equipment with devices for locking parts when the parts cannot undergo direct contact with each other. The devices are manufactured according to the need of the parts.

Centrífuga com dispositivos especiais

Centrifuge fire Zinc

Centrifuge destined for parts of galvanized "to fire". The structure of the equipment is greatly strengthened from the body and mechanical structure to the basket of the equipment to withstand immersion in the plating tank.