Founded in 1986, GV Máquinas has been in activity in the domestic and international market. We produce and selling machinery for surface treatment, drying and separation of liquids and automatic lines for dry machining chips for the industry in general.
We hereby present our basic line of machinery and we will be glad to provide further information whenever you need. We would like to emphasize that we develop projects according to the client’s requirement.


"Get the satisfaction of our customers and employees, seeking continuous improvement in manufacturing centrifuges and equipment for Surface Treatment."


"Become a Brazilian reference in the manufacture and marketing of equipments and inputs of rotary drums/vibro finishing and centrifugal machines for drying cutting chips and technical parts. Ensure the satisfaction of our partners and employees through an open and transparent dialogue."


"Supply the national market equipment on the lines of rotary drums/vibro finishing to grinding and polishing of technical parts as well as centrifugal machines for drying cutting chips and parts in general. Act with the customer in order to constantly seek new projects and challenges."